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horse chakras

Benefits of Reiki for Horses

Usually what is good for a horse owner is also good for the horse. This will make it extremely true in considering the benefits of Reiki for horses. Animal rescue centers are finding it very helpful with the transition of animals brought to their centers. This gentle and non- intrusive therapy for horses can help with:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increase energy levels
  • Provide relief from pain
  • Soothe highly strung, hypersensitive animals
  • Fear and aggression
  • Competition or transportation stress
  • Protection against complications related to surgery, anesthesia, and medication
  • This will never harm an animal so if a horse has experienced abuse or neglect. Helps to release the emotional trauma.
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Reiki should never replace vet care is very useful coordinated with vet care. It will help the horse recover faster, saving anxiety for the animal and the owner. Reiki clears and balances the energy of the chakras, meridians and auras. This can give a horse immediate relief. Reiki helps horses to release unwanted and unneeded negative energy and give them back positive and loving energy. Reiki helps a horse at the end of life to comfort the animal, its owner and anyone that does daily with the animal. raining or abuse. Reiki is a complementary therapy to be used alongside proper veterinary care – never in place of it. Reiki has proven to be beneficial before and after surgery, transportation, and competition, and when offered immediately after an injury. Reiki can reduce swelling, pain, stress, and fear related to an injury. It is known to accelerate healing and reduce infection, as well as complications associated with surgery, anesthesia, and medication.

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How Equine Reiki Works

Energy should flow through the body of a horse in good health. But a number of factors can stop with this flow. They can be physical injuries, trauma, dietary changes, emotional problems, training issues, fear, numerous illnesses or a combination of any of these problems. The blockage of energy can result in physical, psychological or behavioral problems.

A Reiki practitioner providing Horse Reiki, or Equine Reiki, restores positive energy flow into the animal’s body, correcting imbalance. Horses are particularly sensitive and will rapidly take the healing a practitioner offers through hands-on or even hands-off (remote healing). Usually, the animal will come closer to the practitioner and kly become a willing animal and want more. When animals have had enough they will usually turn away from you as if to say, enough for now.

Disclaimer: Alternative therapies are not meant to replace the care your veterinarian can provide. Alternative therapies is a tool to help in the healing process. All have a choice and a path on this earth and not all will choose to heal. It is absolutely THEIR choice and wishes. There is no guarantee of success in any of the healing arenas.