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Mission, Vision, Objectives

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Since 1986, Personal Ponies primary mission has been to bring MAGIC into people's-especially children's lives; to bring smiles and joy in a most unusual way. We believe (and we’ve seen it happen over and over again!) that the lives of anyone with special needs are immeasurably enriched by connecting with a small equine companion in a "Personal" way- so this is what we do! Our ponies are uniquely suited in temperament and size to small children, folks in wheelchairs, hospital rooms, veterans centers, senior centers or anyone who would enjoy interacting with a smaller equine in a more "intimate" manner - eye to eye!


  • To achieve national acceptance and respect for the idea that a small pony can have a significant impact on people of all ages by establishing a connection based on touching, grooming, feeding, leading, even talking to a pony in a non-riding scenario. The interaction can relieve stress, build confidence, trust and communication skills.
  • To solicit and gain involvement by Foundations, business people, private citizens on the National, State, and local levels.
  • To encourage integrity and continuous improvement in the development of a nationwide network for the placement of Personal Ponies in environments where they can work their magic in their unique way.
  • To develop a program with the vision and scope to reach well beyond the next 100 years.

Fundamental Objectives

  • To maintain high quality nationally managed breeding centers run by experienced, knowledgeable people to preserve and breed the UK Shetland Pony known for its' kind, intelligent temperament and robust health based on the Londonderry Lines. These centers will turn out young ponies raised & prepared to serve the community.
  • To maintain the integrity of Personal Ponies Ltd by the establishment and enforcement of procedures for validation of all monetary donations, pony donations and product donations using computer based records for all transactions
  • To utilize the technological advancements available for maintaining accurate and complete records of our ponies and our caregivers
  • To develop a program to improve the concept of the value of small ponies for people who are differently able through education, funded advertising and promotions and the personal participation of interested persons.
  • To establish careful rules for maintaining ponies in proper manner and, when necessary, to educate persons involved with the ponies about careful and correct management practices. We are our ponies' advocates.
  • To promote the idea that non-disabled youth can and should be involved with Personal Ponies Ltd. and in volunteering in their communities.
  • To create greater public awareness of the concept of Personal Ponies Ltd and the form of life enrichment that is gained by a person who is differently able through involvement and connection with a small special pony.
  • To develop various media programs and effective educational programs in the form of films, videos, brochures, books, and other pertinent products that will reach a wide range of audiences.
  • To develop long-range planning using experts in many fields with careful consideration given to the idea of funding research for the greater understanding of the kinship of human and equine.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”   Mahatma Gandhi