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Energy Healing in Animals

energy healing

According to Dr. Rewers, "The physical body is energy that vibrates at a frequency slow enough that we perceive it to be solid. Layers around the physical body are like blueprints for the solid body. Vibrating at higher frequencies, they are not solid but subtler, and still have an influence on our health and wellbeing. These layers include emotional, mental, spiritual and others. These can be felt or seen with practice. Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension from a previous argument, even when there are no visual clues? You were picking up on these unseen energies. Animals are extremely perceptive of these subtle influences."

Our overall wellbeing depends on our physical health as well as the wellness of our energetic body. Wellness is more than the absence of illness. To achieve optimal health, we have to consciously address our emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

The goal of energy healing is to rebalance the life force or biofield of the individual in need of healing. Energy healing, as a “holistic” modality for animals, sees the dog’s health from the perspective of the “whole being” of the animal—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How Does it Work?

Energy is everywhere and in everything. The atoms that make up all things are vibrating energy and at this level, nothing looks like its larger self, the thing that we can actually see and touch. Everything is the same from an energy perspective and there is a connection between all people, animals, plants, and solid objects.

Thoughts are even energy. When a thought occurs, measurable changes are seen in the brain - heat, color, increased blood flow, chemical release. Our thoughts, connecting to the energy in all things, can direct that energy. During a healing, there is a connection to this energy and it is focused where it is needed. The pet (or person) then uses what they need for their highest good.

Healing at a basic level; energy heals from the source of the problem. If there is nothing but energy at our source and illness is a magnified change in this energy, then accessing that energy is a more direct way to heal. Amazing things can happen if a pet or person is open to the energy and lets it in.

**Energy healing can help an animal stay mentally focused so they can learn better for training and competition events. Energy healing can be used for general health maintenance and can give you and your animal the winning edge.

**Energy healing can help animal guardians that are concerned with inappropriate behavior, behavior they want to stop. It is necessary to determine why the particular behavior is happening. Energy healing can assist the animal in understanding what his job really is.

**Energy Healing for End of Life is an area that can truly assist in supporting you animal. Animals sometimes do not understand what is happening at the end of life and can fight to stay with us for our sake, even though it is better for them to move on. This is known as “crossing the rainbow bridge.” It can be very reassuring to the humans to know that their animal has made a very smooth transition.

Animal energy healing cannot replace vet care but can be a great alternative for your pet and can help solve a number of problems from acute pain from an injury, to chronic pain from old age, it can even help the emotional wellbeing of your animal by soothing your animal’s separation anxiety.

Some animal owners will only turn to animal energy healing when it’s their last hope. Humans are highly encouraged to embrace energy healing and holistic pet care for their animals as a valid method of treatment and one that your pet will love.

Animal energy healing can also be done at a distance. The oldest and simplest form of distance healing is the “Prayer”. And there is proof that this healing does work. Touching the animal is not necessary in distant healing which is just as powerful as if the animal was being touched. It is considered one of the most effective types of healing and is easier for them to surrender to because of the natural connection to the earth and universe they have. They do not have to believe it, they will not block the healing or sabotage it but recognize it for how wonderful it is and truly soak it up.

**Some results you can expect from energy healing are faster healing of injuries, happier moods, less stress, no separation anxiety, better movement of joints due to arthritis and increased quality of life for your animal.

Disclaimer: Alternative therapies are not meant to replace the care your veterinarian can provide. Alternative therapies is a tool to help in the healing process. All have a choice and a path on this earth and not all will choose to heal. It is absolutely THEIR choice and wishes. There is no guarantee of success in any of the healing arenas.